Social & Chat


It is a Social networking/dating app in which we have cultivated some new features of social networking. We have implemented features like geofencing, chatting, GPS/Live Tracking of nearby users, social media integration (Facebook Login),notifications. The short summary of Lupup features:

  • User can signup through Facebook and by registration.
  • User can Login through Facebook or by new registration id generated during signup.
  • Profile:
    • User create his profile and can upload picture(max. 5) and can set any one pic as it’s profile pic.
    • User can enlarge profile images of other users.
  • Search:
    • User will get result according to the preferences set during registration and can send friend request to the user(search result).
  • Hotspot:
    • User can view Hotspots either as List or Map.
    • On map number of hotspots appears and we can refresh it. When user enters Hotspots belonging to our range he will get notification which are clickable and we go inside of hotspot screen where we can see Hotspot and user details such as number of user present in that hotspot,chat and can send friend request to other users.
    • User will get notifications(manual or automatic) as set by Hotspot Admin.
  • Chatting:
    • List of matched users will be available to continue chat or wanna be chat.
    • Once the user gets matched after sending request to specific user, they can chat else user can go and chat from message screen.
    • In this screen, each user has a badge of unread messages. Once the user sees all these badges then these badges disappear.
    • In chat screen, there are some functionalities like block/Unblock, report a complain,view profile. All kind of chatting images will be saved in your device album.
    • User will receive chat notifications from chat users. On clicking these user can switch to message screen and continue for chat from that user.
  • Admin(Super and Hotspot):
    • Admin has authority to block/unblock users. If Admin get any kind of misuse or tempering reports against user. Admin can block you permanently so that in future you can never chat with other users.
    • Admin can forward any kind of news, information, to all users regarding to their benefits or app features.
    • Track users, add hotspot, send notification/ offers.
  • User can send any kind of query to admin
  • User will receive different notifications as long as user location update.