Courier Service


Dayoum is On Demand service delivery App, which allows sender to create delivery request for their small, medium or large package to deliver. Also people can earn money by creating their profile as carrier and deliver the packages in their delivery areas.

User can login/registered as:

  • Sender
  • Carrier

Sender App Features

  • Prepare Request: Create a request for delivery.
  • Delivery Request:  User can view the created delivery request.
  • Geo-location: User can view the nearby delivery driver according to its location.
  • Notifications:  User receives notifications regarding the status of every delivery request.
  • Invite Friends
  • Tracking: User can track the location of carrier.
  • Statistics/Billing/History/Quotation

Carrier App Features:

  • MyDelivery:  View all the delivery request according to its location and can also set its location area.
  • View Location: Starting and ending location of created delivery is viewed on the Map.
  • Notifications: Carrier receives notifications whenever new request is created in its area.
  • Statistics:  Carrier can view its statistics.
  • Accepted/On Delivery/Current Deliveries.Carrier can view its status.