Gr8 Service is the on-demand service matching platform for everyone and on all occasions.
Gr8 Service aims to play a part in improving overall business and customer experience. Gr8 Service is looking to:

  • Assist service providers in expanding their businesses by ways of optimising manpower and improving lead conversion rate through our app-based service.
  • Gather the under-tapped pool of manpower, free lancers; provides them a platform to earn some incomes at their own convenience.
  • Ease purchase of services by consumers through our on-demand and smart search features.
  • Service Providers: Increase lead conversion rate and grow your business.
  • Be it business owners or free lancers (aka Service Providers), Gr8 Service provides instant insight to when, where and what services will be required. With this powerful insight, service providers can take a proactive approach in reaching out and serving their potential customers, in the shortest possible time. This has a direct contribution to an increase in lead conversion rate and overall improvement in customer experience.
  • Consumers: Enjoy the privilege of being served.
  • Gr8 Service believes that minimal work should be done by consumers since they are paying for services. We provide a platform to assist consumers to shift away from the conventional and time consuming ways of getting their services. The moment service requests are submitted through Gr8 Service, instant notifications will be sent out to relevant service providers. Thereby, allowing service providers to reach out and serve these consumers instead of the other way round.
  • Pricing: Transparent and no hidden costs.
  • With our chat/messenger feature, consumers get to communicate and negotiate with service providers directly on job details and pricing. Consumers have full control over the situation and have the final say in which service providers they would like to engaged for the job.

Features of app

  • Easy Post and Instant Notification
  • Geolocation
  • Real Identification
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Service Rating/ Feedback
  • Diversified Service
  • Convenient Payment
  • Instant Chat/Messenger