Friends don't let Friends App


A unique concept for letting friends closer, This is an application for the meeting, organizing events. You can charge the penalty if any user in meeting uses the mobile device. The penalty would be decided in terms.

This is an application for the meeting, organising events. The encouragement you to connect with friends in-person and not just digitally suggest us to expel the artificial intelligence while optimism affection with friends.

This era every one spends approximately digital time with others but interact very less in actual personals. In this app you can setup any event like dinner, appointment, meeting lunch any. You just need to invite users and challenge them to use minimum use of phone otherwise they will be charged. This is a very unique and interesting concept because if someone who uses less
than threshold level then it can earn too.

Following are some basic concept and feature of the app.

  • User can sign up to use this handy and practical application.
  • You can create events or you can be an invitee in any event
  • There is a separate list of upcoming events and running events.
  • App has two types of events, fundraiser events and general events. In fundraiser events full penalty will be transferred to event owner. In general events, penalty for using the
    phone during the event would be charged to users who has used phone and will be transferred to users who has not used the phone.
  • The best benefit of the app is for the users who do not use the app during event. They
    will get the financial benefit
  • So please install and let’s enjoy the App