An app that provides you with the BEST way to read a restaurant menu. Our simple design and layout provides you with the easiest way to find exactly what you’re looking for every restaurant.

  • Tappy Menu eliminates the need for multiple apps of your favorite eateries and also saves the frustration of a mobile friendly restaurant website.
  • Tappy Menu is also devoted to integrate and develop solutions to improve the restaurant experience for people who suffer from a wide range of visual impairments. Impairments from mild vision-loss to complete blindness limit the person’s ability to read restaurant menus.
  • Visually impaired people rely on braille menus to gain the full restaurant experience. Unfortunately, not all restaurants offer braille menus. For those that do, more often than not, the menus are not up to date with the latest offerings or the braille is not readable. Because of this, visually impaired people rely on the waiter-staff to read the menus to them.
  • Tappy Menu is designed to not only to provide visually impaired people with the full restaurant experience, but it’s also designed to help restaurant companies cater to visually impaired people’s needs.
  • Tappy Menu also allows restaurant companies to cut costs on braille menus, and have menus updated with latest items, descriptions, prices, and ingredients.